Try a TRI

The spirit is in the air and we at Hyderabad Triathlon can feel the enriching positive vibes of people of all walks of life trying to do something out of the box and in some cases try to challenge themselves to try One Step More than they did yesterday and it is in that healthy energetic spirit that we are trying to shine light upon that step.

And that one step would be to do something different and that’s why we are here to channelize your thoughts towards Why Triathlon? We’ve succeeded in our sport. We know many of us are inclined towards one sport; either run, cycle or swim. We at Hyderabad Triathlon feel pleased to let you know how the culmination of all the three can benefit one in the sport and at a personal level too!

by Kushal Gorti

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They say being healthy is godly

When an athlete sees food as fuel and strive to make themselves as efficient as possible to increase performance enhances the body and keeps it perfectly fit and what’s better than this healthy behavior spreading around the workplace, family and friends? A triathlete keep themselves healthy and the world around him/her!

Goals Focused

Every Triathlete sets goals in advance and works towards achieving them. And yes, early bird always catches the fly. And that’s how a triathlete turns better than most in all walks of life and most of them would say that one can either have excuses or one can have results but one can’t have both!

Alert like an Owl

Triathletes wake up early in the morning, complete a training session and refuel themselves with a healthy breakfast and rejuvenate themselves instantly with a new outlook towards the day making them less tired as they tend to eat healthier than their counterparts and alert and work at the best possible state of mind.

Hard working People

A triathlete usually tends towards endurance and is motivated towards it and is disciplined towards the goal and works towards it. They say nothing beats hard work; We, at Hyderabad Triathlon differ. We believe that smart work is efficient and brings better results. And a Triathlete is one who Smartly Works Hard. A triathlete works smartly and harder each day making himself better than yesterday and knows that slacking off and cheating will not help be better.

Pure Happiness

Has anyone ever seen a triathlete cross the finish line with a frown? With our experience, we’ve seen them all in tears; Tears of joy that they cherish when all their hard work has paid off and a fleeting euphoria that just spreads smiles to everyone around. Triathletes during their rigorous training release endorphins that trigger a positive feeling in their bodies and a sense of general well-being.

Would we have to stress anymore as to why one could, or rather should try being a triathlete?

Happiness is inspiring and spreading the happiness of the sweat on the brow and the tears of happiness when feats are achieved are one of the basic necessities of a human, why delay happiness when it can be gained now?

Try triathlon, the journey from closing the browser to the finish line is as blissful as the end of the journey.

Hyderabad Triathlon wishes the best of luck to all aspiring athletes!