Triathletes of Hyderabad Triathlon - Major Surender Malik

Meet Major Surender Malik participating in Olympic Triathlon at Hyderabad Triathlon 2017.


Tell us about yourself.

A third generation fauji, always wanted to be a part of the forces. It was the singular thing I dreamt of growing up. More than anything, the trivial greed of playing sports and keeping fit for a living was so alluring apart from donning the glittery uniform that commands so much respect in our country. Professionally it's been a satisfying journey so far to include tenures in Siachen Glacier, Assam, Bhutan amongst others. I come from a middle class family and I attribute my desire for all things healthy to my Haryanvi genes.

Why do you TRI ? What is your motivation for doing a Triathlon/Duathlon ?

Well, after my 30th birthday I got this feeling that maybe I hadn't done enough for myself. So I've set a target of 100 marathons/triathlons/duathlons before I hang up by boots. Triathlons are so motivating also because of the limits you can see yourself breaking. In no other sport do you compete against yourself everyday. Every day of training itself is so hard that only the best actually make it to the starting line. The fact that you turned up for the triathlon itself speaks volumes about one's character. And as someone put it, "Sport does not build character, it merely reveals it".

Which event are you participating this year at HT 2017 ? How many times have you participated in HT and in other triathlon events? Which is your favorite kind of race?

I'm participating in Olympic category in HT 2017. Although, being in the army, I am no stranger to endurance events but those were in the military domain only. While they're very stressful and mostly for military training purposes, the satisfaction of competing in events outside army circles is something to be experienced in itself. This would be my second Triathlon event as I had won a Silver Medal at the Jaipur Intl Triathlon earlier this year in the sprint category. I am also preparing for Ironman 70.3 in Colombo next year and HT would provide me an ideal platform to test and further build on my race preparedness.

How is your preparation for HT 2017 going? How excited are you for the event ?

I am extremely excited and can't wait till 08 Oct ! I've spent 8 years in Secunderabad and Hyderabad and the city has a special place in my heart. Coming back to the city and to top it up with a fabulous racing event like HT 2017 will be a treat. Looking forward to a well organised and exciting event !