Interview: Saurabh speaks about his company Fitso, his life as a triathlete and much more.

Triathlon, it isn’t something just about swimming, cycling and running. Triathlon is a sport that brings out the best of one in all facets of life. We interviewed Mr.Saurabh Aggarwal, the Co-founder of Fitso, based in Gurugram who has imbibed the spirit of the sport and has been continuously applying it to his daily life.

by Kushal Gorti


Saurabh at IRONMAN Kalmar 2014

Saurabh, an IRONMAN himself has been spending his time to inculcate the very spirit in the people all around the country with his Fitness app which trains people from all parts of the society for weight reduction, personal fitness and emphasizes on sporting events. Saurabh was a participant at Hyderabad Triathlon 2013.

We had had the opportunity to ask him a few questions to which this Iron Man of India has responded with such enthusiasm that inspired us, as a team to bring out the best we can for all the participants out there and help bring out the best of us as a whole.

What is it that makes a day of Iron Man Saurabh Agarwal?

I wake up at 4 in the morning and complete all my morning rituals and then go for a swim until around 0730 hrs, have my breakfast and until 10 I do my personal workouts. I then head to my office and return by 2030 hrs post which I perform Yoga and have a light dinner and hit the pillow by 2200 hrs.

With such a hectic schedule how do you garner support from your near and dear ones?

I will have to say that my wife supports me immensely as we both share the same spirit towards endurance sports and she is a Yoga instructor herself. We look forward to Couple events in India too!
With all of my events. I’ve made many friends within the country and globally and I love it as I am constantly motivated because of them and learn a lot and gain information from them!

So, how did the idea of starting Jogo come to mind?

After I earned the fruits of fitness and endurance sports I wanted to bring more people into the sport and help them improve. And that’s how I happened to startup Jogo. We then learned that the peoples’ goals in India are basically about weight reduction. So, that’s when we changed our outreach towards Fitso and started helping people out to help them lose weight and yet not losing sight of the ultimate goal of connecting people to running and cycling.

How did you shift from being an IITian who ended up in a business of fitness and sports?

I had an interest in business since I was young and I’m an outgoing person by nature. I ensured I had hands on experience with Startups and people management since college and all these have had really good results.


Saurabh at Hyderabad Triathlon 2013

With so many fitness apps out there how are you tackling such competition?

In most of the apps in the store, each has its own goal. Each app is based on a single element of either tracking or nutrition or workouts. But, Fitso has all the elements of these separate apps inculcated into one app.
We also provide personal coaches which is one of the best aspects of Fitso as a trained personal coach is one of the best sources of inspiration and a mentor to push one towards their goals.

How would you shift the demographics of Fitness towards the masses in India?

Most people in middle class are aware of fitness and yet are unable to get the right guidance and a motivation to work out for fitness. So, most of the features on Fitso are free and economical to even a common man. And again, we provide personal coaching who motivate people and lead them in the right direction and make India a healthy country and competitive at the same time.

Where do you see Fitso in the next 5 years?

I would like to see Fitso being the talk in the society whenever people talk about fitness. I am optimistic about achieving this goal as we have about 4 lakh users’ within just a span of 1 and a half years. We have a huge market to reach out who can spread the knowhow of the app through word of mouth which happens to be the best sort of marketing and we believe we can achieve this goal.
We are also considering to introduce the app in South East Asia as the markets are similar in these regions.

What are your personal tips to a beginner triathlete?

First would be to gauge the current fitness level and gradually improve by working appropriately. And only then get into aerobic workout, speed and anaerobic workouts. It would be beneficial to participate in events and motivate themselves as friendly competitive spirit is one of the best sources of motivation. Hire a personal coach as a lack of guidance may cause injuries.  Go out and become a part of training groups.

11873466_10155907128115640_5259970199784669929_n-576x432_9999Saurabh at La Ultra 111 km run in Ladakh

What was your roadmap towards you becoming an Iron Man?

I used to practice post-midnight to escape the torturous heat of Delhi. I used to cycle from midnight to 6 am and then run or cycle until around 9 am. The results did pay off but I wouldn’t recommend such an approach to beginners.

Rather than the finishing, I believe that 90% of the race is finished when one starts joyfully and with a positive attitude and shunning all inhibitions.

How did you feel when you heard the words “Saurabh is an Ironman”?

I felt a victory of conviction and the faith I had in myself had come to reality. 

Saurabh and the team at Fitso have been instrumental in spreading the fitness revolution in India and we wish Saurabh and the Fitso team the very best with thier goal to make India fitter.