Curing a beginner athlete’s thought bubble syndrome

It is known that everyone starts something new at a certain point of time. And for some, that moment is now. To some, a triathlon is a whole new experience and eagerly wait for the race to begin.

Whenever we begin something new, especially those that require perseverance and hard work, sweat and toil, diligence and self-confidence, beginners are generally at a loss for they’ve set goals real high and seldom know how to achieve them.

Now that one is contemplating to participate in a triathlon, we at Hyderabad Triathlon 2017 bring you some solutions to clear up the doubt cloud that forms in most of the newbie Triathletes.



How long do I train in a week?

Newbies sometimes tend to overwork themselves to perform their best for their first race, which may not always be the best solution. Many beginners believe that continuous and rigorous work bring out better results, but on the contrary, a disciplined scheduled training is what makes the most efficient training regime. Lance Watson, a LifeSport head coach believes that a beginner can realistically train for two to four hours per week in preparation for a Sprint Triathlon event. Someone completely new to this endurance sport would gain great benefit with four or five 30-45 minute sessions per week.

How to manage Swimming, Cycling and Running?

Assuming one has no experience in Swimming, cycling or running, experts recommend a basic regime that can bring great results.

Swim- Twice per week beginning with short segments in the pool such as 10-20 times the breadth and then progressing to 50m and 100m.

Cycle- Cycling for 20 – 30 minutes non-stop once or twice a week and progressing up to an hour over the course of four to six weeks is a great start.

Run- People who are new to running would benefit from running once or twice a week with a walk-run program such as a 5x (3 min jog/2 min walk).

How important is a coach?

As a beginner one gains the most from investing in some guidance from the onset of the regime. A knowledgeable coach can guide a beginner away from many of the pitfalls and common errors a new athlete may make. A coach can teach one to navigate through the entire training and racing process from square one can create an initial roadmap for success.

I may not be able to afford a coach, what do I do?

There’s more than one road that takes you to Rome and not being able to find a coach shouldn’t hinder a beginner because there are many other interesting, fun and efficient methods to up one’s game!

Training groups - One simple Google search can help one find a training group in or around one’s locality to find like-minded sports persons who could or would have had prior experience in Triathlons and thereby assimilate all one’s knowledge like an ever learning computer and work on them. For those in Hyderabad there are many like-minded people in groups like Hyderabad Runners et cetera.

Visit a local Sports store - This may be a time taking process but this does bring out results because these stores are the one spot destination for all sport Junkies and one may make new connections out there and discover local teams, groups or practise partners.

Attend a Triathlon - What better place to gain experience by observing and making new acquaintances than the pros right in front of one’s eyes? One can meet the best and they usually tend to be more than willing to help you out with your challenges during training.

Go old-school Read a book - There are many great books that help guide one to glory like Joe Friel’s The Triathlete’s Training Bible

So if you are a beginner for triathlon or new to athletics, these guidelines would do you good and may help you finish the big race!
Keep your spirits high, and Enjoy the Race!


--Kushal Gorti