Triathletes of Hyderabad Triathlon - Major Surender Malik

Meet Major Surender Malik participating in Olympic Triathlon at Hyderabad Triathlon 2017. Tell us about yourself. A third generation fauji, always wanted to be a part of the forces. It was the singular thing I dreamt of growing up. More than anything, the trivial greed of playing sports and keeping fit for a living was so alluring apart from donning the glittery uniform that commands so much

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Announcements from the Race Director

Dear Participants, I hope your training for Hyderabad Triathlon is going well !!   We have made some changes in the event and thought of sharing the same with you.   The idea is to make the event better and give you an excellent experience at the event.   Changes in Sprint Triathlon: This year Sprint Triathlon will follow the standard order of Triathlon and the event

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